Our History

Paul Drum with Chief Martin Flatley


At the 2nd Annual "Paul Drum Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast,"  Paul was named Police Chief for the Day! 

Paul Drum with Steve Bellone's representative

Steve Bellone's representative naming Paul as the County Executive for the Day

During the 2016 annual "Paul Drum Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast", Paul was named honorary County Executive for the Day !

Paul Drum with Anthony Palumbo


At the 4th Annual "Paul Drum Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast,"  Paul was named New York State Assemblyman for the Day! 

The Story

During the summer of 2013, Paul Drum was representing his mother’s restaurant, Front Street Station, at a fund raiser. Paul’s enthusiasm that day was infectious, and his internal spirit soared as he gave back to his community.  

Paul’s expressed his desire to participate in more community events to Arlene Klein, a local community volunteer and children’s advocate. Those sentiments sparked an idea with Arlene to hold a breakfast party fund raiser for a new children’s program she  would be starting the following summer. Sharon Sailor graciously volunteered to host the event and the very first Breakfast with Pirates and Mermaids was born.

As planning progressed, the children’s program was named in honor of Sharon’s son, and became known as the Paul Drum Nautical Education Program, a nod to Greenport’s maritime history.  

In July and August of 2014,  one hour classes were held every week for 8 weeks. Classes size was limited to 15-18, 7-12 year old children and was free for all in attendance. Every week a new subject was introduced. Children were taught by experts in their fields about learning to row a boat, fish biology, Gyotaku Japanese printing art, celestial navigation, sailing electric powered boats, and a plethora of other subjects.

The program grew over the next 4 years, eventually becoming so popular children had to be wait listed due to lack of room. Funding increased as a result of the success of the annual Pirate and Mermaid Breakfast and with donations by the public. Eventually, the Paul Drum Program was able to support 5 scholarships for CPR and lifesaving, donate funds to another nonprofit children’s program, and help create a dedicated children’s “please touch” room within the local seaport museum.

In the fall of 2017, Sharon and Arlene advanced the

 program to establish its own 501c3 status. The new not for profit was born as The Paul Drum Life Experience Project. Additional subject matter was added to focus on activities children would not usually be exposed to in their everyday lives. Their expectations were that new doors would be opened for continued independent exploration and help drive the children’s curiosity in new directions. 

Funds would continue to be generated through the Pirate and Mermaid Breakfast held during the Maritime Festival, other creative and imaginative fund raisers, and with the generosity of the global community.

The Paul Drum Life Experience Project is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the exploration of ideas, discussions and hands-on experiences. 

Thank you for helping us give children a world of experiences. 

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