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Paul Drum Life Experience Project

Paul Drum Life Experience Project

Paul Drum Life Experience ProjectPaul Drum Life Experience ProjectPaul Drum Life Experience Project

2020 Summer Schedule

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2020 Pirate & Mermaid Breakfast

Sunday, September 20

PDLEP News: February, 2020

Just a minute ago, it was summer 2019, and here we are, well into February, 2020. Shocking ! However, and not at all surprising, we at the PDLEP are focusing on creating a fantastic schedule for this year’s classes. One might say we have 20/20 vision! Our collective eye is on how every enrolled student can get the most out of every new experience.

In a few short weeks, we will be publishing the complete summer schedule. We know you are curious so here’s a sneak peek of just some of the confirmed classes your kids’ will have the opportunity to enjoy.

  • Goat Yoga!
  • Shocking Experiments with Bob Jester and his Tesla “Toy”
  • Giant Chess with Kings and Queens
  • Creatures of the Night

That’s just half of the exciting new classes we are booking. So keep an eye out for the complete schedule. Indeed the programs we offer are special. And unique. And free. Nevertheless, they are also expensive to produce.

Please be generous and help support us so we can continue bringing your kids the best, most outrageous, interesting, mind-blowing, fun summer they can hope for. Simply click the “DONATE” button below and know you have helped bring a truly great experience to a bunch of truly great kids.

Warmly and with a glint in our eye,

The Paul Drum Life Experience Project Board
Sharon, Arlene, Morgant, Lynn, and Paul

Your support and contributions will fund our mission.

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About Us



The Paul Drum Life Experience Project affords  children the opportunity to participate in a vast and diverse array of activities and workshops designed to open their worlds and expand their horizons

The desired result being broader fields of interests, piqued curiosity in something outside of one's own realm of everyday experiences, and an enthusiasm for learning.



It all started with a young man’s enthusiasm. 

Paul Drum was seeking a way to give back to the generous community who unconditionally accepted and supported him. 

That’s when Arlene and Sharon stepped up to the challenge 

Sharon Sailor and Arlene Klein are idealists and implementers. Sharon is a business woman and proprietor of a successful restaurant. Arlene,  a retired teacher, is a resourceful, creative innovator. Their driven, mutual mindset resulted in The Paul Drum Life Experience Project which provides children the opportunities for exploration and expression. 



Designed for children 7–12 years of age, meeting once a week for 8 weeks during July and August. 

At each weekly session a new theme of interest is presented and led by an expert in that particular field. 

Varied topics may include signing for hearing children, robotics, touring an electric power plant, shark study, and so much more. 

This program is available free of charge, and grows with money provided by donations from our global community, generous sponsors, and “fun-raisers”.


The Paul Drum Life Experience Project is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the exploration of ideas, discussions and hands-on experiences. 

Thank you for helping us give children a world of experiences. 

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