2018 Summer Classes

July 11 - Journalism with Jessinta Smith

Did you ever picture yourself asking questions of a 6’7” basketball player? Or an astronaut? Or Beyonce?  And then having those answers put on line or in a newspaper or hear them being read on Channel 12 News? That’s what reporters do day after exciting day. You, too, can become a journalist and Jessinta Smith will teach you everything you need to know. Imagine how great it will feel when the world reads your reports on the Paul Drum Life Experience Project website and Facebook pages. It can happen!

Jessinta Smith Bio: passionate about multi-media work, creating change, and progressing world views. Her goal in life is to use her voice, gift of writing, and knowledge of new media to better society, other people, and herself. Her work, whether it be about fashion, politics, or world hunger is put into an enjoyable experience for every available viewer.

The oldest sister of three siblings, Jessinta is currently enrolled at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury with a major field of study in Communication and Media Studie

July 18 - Birds of Prey with Jim MacDougall

Raptures, owls and eagles are birds of prey, meaning they don't just eat berries and worms. But sometimes even these tough guys get hurt. We will be visited by several of these injured birds that have been nursed back to health at the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jim MacDougall will lead the class. * In case of rain, this class will meet at the Little Red School House, Front Street, Greenport.

Jim MacDougall Bio: Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jim MacDougall, is the West Hampton Beach High School music teacher and leads the North Shore Community Orchestra. He is also a dedicated volunteer at the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center in Hampton Bays.

As the education program coordinator and rescue transport for the Wildlife Center, he has rescued hundreds of animals from Shoreham to Shirley and Montauk to Plum Island.  His rescues are animals as small as bats and hummingbirds and as large as adult deer. Jim is licensed by New York state and the federal government to rescue wild animals and to handle the Center's education animals.  In addition to handling and feeding the animals, he is also responsible for trimming their talons, weighing them and coping their beaks.

July 25 –Organic Gardening @ KK’s Farm

The Farm is all organic and uses biodynamic methods of growing healthy foods --for you and for our earth.  Help make compost, plant seeds, and take home your very own pot of edible goodies.  Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people.  *This class will meet at KK'S Farm 59945 Main Rd, Southold, NY 11971

Ira Haspel Bio: Born in the Bronx, NY, Ira Haspel graduated from Colgate University in 1967.  Continuing his education he graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia School of Architecture 1972.

Along with his wife, Kathy Keller (KK) they owned the architectural firm Haspel Building Associates. In 1999 Ira and KK purchased an abandoned farm in Southold which became their weekend get-away.

When their son and daughter-in-law had children, KK decided to grow the best food for the grandkids.  KK learned from Stephen Storch, a speaker at a biodynamic grower organization and both KK and Ira eventually graduated from the Nature Lyceum on Long Island. Knowing that biodynamics was the best and healthiest way to grow food they started growing using biodynamic methods. KK’s Farm services restaurants in Greenport and Southold, and has a unique CSA and farm stand.   Through their Dandelion Festival and other workshops KK’s Farm educates people on how to grow healthy food without the use of harmful chemicals.

August 1 – Become a Detective with Chief Martin Flatley

Chief Martin Flatley, of the Southold Police Department, explains how the police use forensic evidence, scientific techniques and clever methods to catch the "bad guys" and help keep us all safe. We'll climb into a police car and see state-of-the-arts tools that are now standard equipment. 

Chief Martin Flatley Bio: Chief Martin Flatley was born and raised in Mattituck, as one of four children to William and Jane Flatley. After graduating from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, with a degree in criminal justice, he joined the Southold Town Police force as a patrol officer. Five years later he received a position with the Detective Division and was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 1998. Advancements followed and he was promoted to Lieutenant and executive officer serving as Chief Cochran’s right hand man. In 2011, he became Chief of Southold Town Police Department.

Well-liked by the community, respected by his peers, Chief Flatley shares his personal life with his wife, Susan, their two sons, two daughters-in-law and two granddaughters.

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August 8 – The Wilderness Traveling Museum with Tepee Ted

Experience the daily life of North Fork Algonquians; how they used wild deer for everything from food to clothing; handle real deer bone tools and animal pelts; and make your own wampum necklaces using glass beads and shells.

Ted Strickroth Bio:   For over 30 years, Ted Strickroth, better known as “Tepee” Ted,  has been the director of The Wilderness Traveling Museum. What started out as a simple replica tepee in his backyard for invited family and friends developed into more than a hobby. He now offers programs for students from pre-K through senior citizens, from Manhattan to Montauk, focusing on Native American life on Long Island. His enrichment programs range from outdoor skills to animal life in an interactive, hands-on, entertaining manner.

Ted has spent summers living on Sioux Indian reservations in South Dakota and has made many visits to the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

August 15 - Mash Up: Genealogy, Genetics and Geography

Historian Amy Folk, helps take you on the wild ride through your own personal history. Follow your family through their travels, their eye and hair color, and grow your own family 

tree. She'll help us understand the old saying, The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 

Ms Folk is generous with her time and talents and will help the children focus and understand their own personal histories by delving into their individual genealogy.

Amy Folk Bio:A couple of years ago, Amy Kasuga Folk, was an archivist, and the collections manager for the Southold Historical Society, the Oysterponds Historical Society, the Suffolk County Historical Society and President of the Long Island Museum Association.  

But in 2017, she took on another role as Southold Town Historian, a job that is more enjoyable than another task to simply  complete. A veteran of the museum world, she has worked with a number of other Long Island Institutions, including Old Bethpage Village Restoration.  She is the co-author of the award winning books, Munnawhatteaug:  The Last Days of the Menhaden Industry of Eastern Long Island;  A World Unto Itself: The Remarkable History of Plum Island, New York; and A Murder on Long Island.

August 22 – Matter Matters with Mad Science

Investigate the ingredients of the universe; build your own molecules.  What's the difference between chemical and physical changes? Turn nickel into gold!  And finally...make your own Mad Science Goo! 

Mad Science Information: For more than 30 years Mad Science® has been providing hands-on, science-based programs and activities geared towards children aged 3-12 that are as entertaining as they are educational. Mad Science programs encourage scientific literacy in children in an age when science is as vital as reading, writing and arithmetic. They believe in the importance of continuing to create hands-on science programming for kids where an approach to teaching science invites children to pursue STEM careers. 

August 29 - Making Waves with Scotty Hart WLNG Radio

Scotty Hart of WLNG, explains why radio is alive and well, how it works and will demonstrate with real electronic equipment. Perhaps you’ll even get to hear yourself on the airwaves! Bonus: after attending this class you will be invited to visit Scotty while he does his radio show on Saturday and Sundays!


Scotty Hart  bio: Growing up in Smithtown, Long Island, young Scott’s dream job was a career in radio. He found joy in listening to his transistor, and working in his high school’s television studio and audio/visual department. Four college years at New York Institute of Technology honed his skills as he majored in Radio and Television Communication Arts. Upon graduation he worked at stations WLNG and WRIV but eventually settled into a 15 year career in operations and programming for Cablevision and AMC Networks. However, weekend fill-in work kept the radio dream alive.  While juggling the full time job at Cablevision and part-time work at radio stations across Long Island, Scotty, somehow, had time to run his own Long Island radio station for 12 years. 

WLNG’s Gary Sapiane and the late Paul Sidney have been Scotty Hart’s mentors and dear friends for years. They helped him groom his radio personality, style and even his name! Listeners can now enjoy Scotty on WLNG radio every Saturday and Sunday.



Children must be between 7-12 years of age, will register for each class individually, must have consent forms signed and returned at the beginning of class. 


Registration sheets for each class will be available at the Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport, starting on June 16 , 2018.  You may also signup for each class on the registration page of this website. 


Hard copies of parental/guardian Consent to Participate Forms are available at the Library or they can be printed from the consent form page of this website. Only one  Consent Form is required per each registered child, regardless of the number of classes selected. Please bring completed forms to the first session your child will attend. 

Children must be pre-registered and hand in completed Parental Consent Forms before being allowed to participate in any class. 

All classes meet at Front Street Station Restaurant, Greenport (unless otherwise noted), Wednesday mornings,10am-11am. 

Each hour long program concludes with a light snack. Additional support during class time is provided by adult volunteers.



For safety and convenience, please use the rear entrance of Front Street Station Restaurant on Adams Street.

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